Concessional Stamp Discount Survey

Post goes solo on stamp discount for concession card holders with MyPost scheme

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The following article contains extracts from Environment and Communications Legislation Committee Senate Estimates Hansard (25/02/2014) - Click here for the complete Hansard to get full context on quotes.

To our knowledge neither LPOG, the LAC or POAAL have been consulted about APs plan to implement a stamp discount to Australia's 5.7 million concession card holders.

Ms Corbett: Should the BPR price increase go through, our proposal, as our managing director mentioned, is to have the 60-cent concession stamp available to all federal government concession cardholders. How that will work is people can come into any post office through the country. They will be able to then give us their name and some identification details and show us their concession card number. What that will actually allow them to do is to set up this concession account. The My Post concession account will give them access to an annual limit of 50 concession card stamps each year. Importantly, we will be sending them out a kit with all of the details of the other things that will actually enable. When people apply for the My Post account, they will also be given five postage stamps. So that will actually be in the welcome kit. When they get the welcome kit, we will also give them the ability to access a free digital mailbox account. That is all bundled up as part of the offer. 

While it is noble gesture to hold the price static at 60 cents for vulnerable Australians, the way Australia Post plans to implement the scheme is convoluted and time consuming for Post Offices.

There is absolutely no need to create and manage a database of concession card holders. So it begs the question, is this more about the Digital MailBox than anything else? We understand that getting registered users onboard the Digital MailBox might be a priority for some people at Australia Post - targeting the least likely demographic to actually use it seems counter-intuitive. The majority of concession card holders are aged pensioners.

Our CEO would like to see all eligible people take advantage of the discount. It makes sense, send a letter to someone they are likely to reciprocate.

Mr Fahour: We have not done some modelling. I really hope that all 5.7 million Australians collect their entitlements, which as a bare minimum gets them five free stamps. Why would you not just sign up for it if you got five free stamps? It does not oblige you to do anything. It gives you a card. I would hope that all the 5.7 million people who qualify come and collect their five free stamps and get their starter kit and get their free digital mailbox and an Australia Post My Post card. How terrific is that? There is nothing for free these days. This one is. 

Also, what is the full scope of MyPost? We dream of the day when Australia Post actually consults with it's stakeholders about new projects and initiatives. They might be surprised at how beneficial the collective knowledge of nearly 2900 business people can be.

Here's just one suggestion (feel free to submit your own suggestion below on how best to implement this scheme):

  • State Agencies to post out one voucher per year to concession card holders with their name and concession card number on it.
  • The customer attends their local Post Office, shows their concession card and their voucher and buys one book of 20 stamps (@ 70 cents each) and gets a second book of 20 for free!
  • Voucher is retained for auditing purposes.

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Concessional stamp rate implementation survey
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